Who We Are

 Cloud Refuge is a Buddhist community in the Western Insight tradition (www.sydneyinsightmeditators.org),  located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.   We meet online each Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m.  The teacher is Joyce Kornblatt.  Please email Joyce (at the email address below) for Zoom I.D. and password.

How We Practice

We meditate for 40 minutes.  Then we have a shared inquiry facilitated by Joyce.

On the second Thursday each month, Joyce facilitates Year to Live practice, based on the book of that name by the late teacher, Stephen Levine:  What wants our attention and surrender, if we had a year to live?  

Other weekly gatherings will include contemplative writing practice, Council passing-the-virtual-stone practice, and other ways of deepening into the teachings of the Dharma. 

All our inquiries engage deep listening to our own bodies and to one another.  Each time we speak, we are practicing mindful speech. 

The Teacher

Joyce Kornblatt is a teacher in the Western Insight tradition, a Hakomi-trained psychotherapist, and a novelist/essayist/writing teacher (see joycekornblatt.com).  She is particularly interested in the integration of Buddhist teachings with Western psychotherapy and creativity practice.