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I offer mentoring to writers at all stages of their creative endeavour.   Working together in person, or via phone, I support you to find your own bodily-felt wisdom about content, craft, voice, and revision.  What wants to unfold?  What is in the way?  How do your ‘blocks’ reveal your most potent inner resources?  Drawing on years of my own experience with mindfulness meditation, inquiry practice, Hakomi psychotherapy and Focusing, I meet you where you are, and offer various pathways into your own evolving writing process.   I guide you to follow your own guidance.  I encourage you to recognize your own strengths and resources.  I accompany you as you contact your own gifts and challenges.   The cost of mentoring sessions is $85 (Au) /hour.

I also offer Feedback Reports on completed book-length manuscripts or manuscripts-in-progress.  The fee for a report on a full book manuscript is $500.  For partial manuscripts, the fee is $85/hour.  Once I have completed my report on your work, I email it to you, and then we meet in person or via phone for an hour to reflect together on my comments and suggestions. 

Please contact me: joyce.kornblatt at gmail or (02) 4787 5662.


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